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Recognising and Responding to Neglect (EL008)

Recognising and Responding to Neglect is an online training course for anyone working with tamariki (children) and rangatahi (young people). This course will help you understand neglect and its impact on children and young people. It will encourage you to consider how your own personal framing of neglect affects your response to it. You will gain knowledge, skills, competence and confidence to better protect and safeguard our tamariki from neglect.

What will I learn?
• Be able to recognise what neglect is.
• Understand the different types of neglect.
• Recognise the signs neglect.
• Identify risk factors and protective factors of neglect.
• Understand how child, parent, family, community and cultural/societal factors all play a role in the safety and wellbeing of children and young people.
• Understand the devastating impact of neglect on children and young people.
• Recognise the importance of positive attachment in preventing neglect.
• Understand your own barriers to recognising and responding to neglect.
• Develop confidence in responding to concerns of neglect.
• Understand the importance of early intervention to protect children and young people from the impact of neglect.

Who is this course for?
This course is for everyone who works with or has contact with tamariki and their whānau. We ALL need to be able to recognise, understand the impact and feel confident to respond to concerns of neglect.


Group training and content warning
It is not recommended to complete this eLearning in a group environment as some course content may be triggering for individuals who may have experienced childhood trauma. We recommend wearing headphones. To ensure your wellbeing, trigger warnings are given throughout our course with support guidance provided.

Duration: 2 hours

  • Course Introduction
  • Course information
  • Nau mai haere mai
  • What is neglect
  • Definitions
  • Recognising neglect
  • Types of neglect
  • Signs of neglect
  • Risk factors
  • Protective factors
  • Social-ecological model
  • Quiz 1
  • The impact of neglect
  • The impact of neglect on brain development
  • The relationship between neglect and attachment
  • Cumulative harm
  • The effect of neglect
  • Experience of neglect at different ages
  • Quiz 2
  • Assessment of neglect
  • Intervention
  • Understanding our own barriers
  • Working with whānau
  • Review the outcomes
  • Quiz 3
  • Conclusion
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed
  • Leads to a certificate with a duration: 2 years